le destin des Tigres Siciliens:

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le destin des Tigres Siciliens:

Message par Feldgendarmerie le Mer 28 Juil - 16:44

After telephone calls between General Rodt and General von Senger, I was ordered to give up the 10 special mechanics, all of the special tools, all replacement parts, as well as the portal crane along with the 17 Tigers. Because of transport difficulties, Panzer Regiment 'Herrmann Goering' did not pick up all these replacement parts, so that part of them (rubber tires, roadwheels and more) in addition to about 80 tons of 8.8 cm ammunition were left lying behind and fell into enemy hands.

Based on the after-action report from the Tiger-Kompanie and the report from Leutnant Goldschmidt, the last commander of the Tiger-Kompanie , at the beginning of the campaign the Tiger-Kompanie was assigned to Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 'Henrice'. The Panzer-Grenadiere interfered with the employment of the Tiger-Kompanie and the terrain was insufficiently scouted, so that several Tigers became bogged down in the mud. The Tigers became separated from our own infantry, so they were cut off, making repair or recovery impossible.

Ten Tigers had already been lost during the first three days when they were blown up to prevent capture. Of the remaining seven Tigers, three more were lost by 20 July when they caught fire or were blown to prevent capture. The excess Tiger crews were employed as infantry at the Gerbini Airfield, despite the strongest arguments from the Tiger-Kompanie commander. During the further retreat, employed as a rearguard, three of the last four Tigers broke down and were blown to prevent capture. The portal crane, so important for repairing Tigers, was blown up by the Werstatt-Kompanie . The last Tiger was transported across the straits to the mainland of Italy.

Le gars doit s'appeler Gernot ^^

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Re: le destin des Tigres Siciliens:

Message par Fedorovitch le Mar 19 Avr - 14:41

Non? ^^

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